Creative Strategy

You've landed here because you understand the importance of the visual stimuli that your brand showcases. If not, it's great to meet you, and we can probably change your mind.

Identify the visual identity of your business

Where brand strategy ends, creative strategy takes over. Ideas that bring to life what you want to say through more than words take time to develop and give your customers

Luckily for you, we have a pre-made, hand-picked team of professionals from video, photography, and design fields raring to flex their creative muscles and bring your creative strategy to life.

It's not what you say, it's how you say it

Messaging is pretty dang important and the way your message is delivered is equally as crucial so having a clear blueprint of how to achieve excellent creatives seems like a no-brainer.

A bullet-proof creative strategy takes into account all the communication, brand, advertising, interaction, content, promotion, or social needs of your business and gives you an explicit direction on how to unify it all.

Creative strategies are quite possibly one of the most underrated and overlooked facets to building a successful brand but they give you an easily digestible way to present who you are and what you do to appeal to the people who need to see it most.

What our clients
have to say

In my role with UnitingCare Queensland I have worked with Ravel on multiple video, photography and design projects. The team are very professional, creative, trustworthy and most of all incredibly driven to get the best results. The quality of their work is amazing and it is a real pleasure to work with them.

Stefan Beer-Rutte - Marketing Coordinator - UnitingCare Queensland

From day one, I felt confident that Aaron and Shannon from Ravel were the brand strategy specialists I needed to grow Boutiques Australia. The strategy they delivered was thorough and detailed but above all else, it provided actionable opportunities for growth and everything I needed to keep my brand messaging consistent. The best business decision I’ve made so far has been engaging with Ravel for the strategic direction and all aspects of my digital marketing.

John Kohne - Founder - Boutiques Australia

Working in a very busy marketing team we’re constantly demanding high-quality, creative, unique work. Ravel not only provide this, they also offer a superior level of account management so we’re never left wondering where something is. I’d highly recommend getting Ravel to work on any of your creative, digital, video and marketing work.

Sarah Coffey – Marketing Manager – Queensland X-Ray

The Ravel team were great to work with both creatively and practically. Their commitment to quality, clear communications and creative insights helped bring our project to life, and their effort to source and implement the broad range of translations we requested was greatly appreciated.

Alex Lucchetti - Communications Officer – Plant Health Australia

SLa have been working with the team at Ravel over the last couple of months to update our existing tired and troublesome website. We look forward to continue working with the Ravel team with our website maintenance and would highly recommend their services. From start to end, Ravel have been wonderful to work with! A big thank you from the SLa team!

Catherine Forsyth – Office Manager – Shaun Lockyer Architects

The team at Ravel were wonderful to work with. They provided an excellent service when creating our animated video and kept in regular communication to ensure we knew the status of our project at all times. We are thrilled with the end result and would recommend Ravel to anyone after a high quality animation.

Eliza Greenwood - Support & Development - HP Agency

Ravel have a passion and talent for their industry that really sets them apart from their competition. As a client, I want to work with a creative agency that isn’t afraid to be creative, Ravel will challenge my thinking and suggest ways to improve the project. Ravel consistently deliver a fantastic result, on time and within budget, and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Queensland Airport Limited