Video Project

Major Events Gold Coast

2022 Springtime Festival

Ravel had the privilege of managing this sweet little video production for Major Events Gold Coast for the 2022 Springtime Festival. This was the first ever live performance on Q1’s sky point (and the highest altitude performance in Australia), featuring musician, Alex the Astronaut. The afternoon shoot was scheduled down to the second, coordinating the logistical challenges of the climb itself, our technical crew, and the helicopter rotations of Q1. 

Thanks to MEGC, in particular the producer Kesha!

Oliver West – DP / Camera A

Andrew Jackson – Camera B

Leilani Roelofs – AC / Assistant Editor

Molly Kirkwood – Production Assistant

Anthony Shorten – Helicopter Cam (Amazing!)

Chris Browne – Editor / Colourist

Lauchlan Stanesby – Editor