See U in a BiP

The Client

Digicel is a leading telecommunications and digital service provider in 25 markets across the Carribean and Pacific. In addition to service offerings, Digicel is also an app developer, with seven apps making part of their ‘Prime Bundle’ package. This project focused on their chat app ‘BiP’ a powerful and highly competitive alternative to WhatsApp.

The Challenge

Digicel wanted to boost awareness of BiP as a highly desirable and capable chat app for mobile, and wanted a campaign that emphasised its capabilities to their Caribbean markets. The creative was to be lead by a musically-driven 30 second television commercial conceptualised and executed by Ravel’s film and animation teams.

Ravel's Solution

Lead by Ravel’s film team, the creative direction was decided to use a mix of live action and animation integrated together, with the idea of people enjoying the app throughout their lives, with BiP’s UI and features “projected” onto the environment around them. The music, provided by Jamaican artist MR KILLA was contrasted with the on-screen talent comprising entirely of children who would mimic the lyrics of the song throughout. The result was a fun, energetic and engaging video that proved so popular, Digicel Jamaica replicated the video just for their market, with Ravel’s animation team providing postproduction on this version as well.