Flight Centre

Customer Experience Possibilites

The Client

Flight Centre is a leading Australian-born international travel company who help plan and organise trips and holidays around the world. Post-pandemic, the company has been keen to inspire their teams to think outside the box when it comes to the customer experience offered in the future.

The Challenge

Flight Centres’ marketing team engaged with Ravel to help develop and visualise a future-driven customer journey through the eyes of two key demographics. The video set was internally-facing, designed to inspire and encourage staff to think of the “endless possibilities” that could be explored to enhance customer journeys and add customer-facing value to the experience.

Ravel's Solution

The videos were originally musically driven with no dialogue, leaving the storytelling entirely to the on-screen visuals. Desired concepts were explored, such as pre and post travel agent interaction, app integration, effortless and dynamic agent-to-customer data transfers and a futuristic physical store were envisioned as part of both stories.

Stylistically, Ravel wanted to employ a more organic and traditionally hand-drawn animation. The idea was to create a warm and “authentic” feeling visual style that comprised of almost entirely key animation with limited in-between frames. Art direction used a mix of western and eastern character designs with endearing facial features and contemporary dress sense.