Case Study

TY the Tasmanian Tiger

The Client

Krome Studios is the video game development studio behind TY the Tasmanian Tiger series. Based in Brisbane, Krome Studios has shipped over 45 titles with their international partners and have entertained countless gamers across the globe.

The Challenge

TY the Tasmanian Tiger recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary. The beloved game surged in popularity in the early 2000’s with a devoted audience, and quickly became a cult classic of the Australian gaming scene. Krome Studios approached Ravel to pitch marketing campaigns that would re-engage former TY fans, as well as new potential users to download the TY1 game.

Ravel's Solution

Ravel pitched 3 concepts for a marketing campaign that would engage both old fans of the game as well as new, untapped audiences. We created a dedicated landing page that would provide users with the download links, and focused our marketing distribution across paid search, YouTube and social media.

The creative for the campaign leveraged the different levels within the games as travel destinations, with spunky dingo mechanic, Shazza, acting as the tour guide. This approach engaged past players of the game with a nostalgic walk down memory lane, as well as introduced new audiences to the amazing locations ready to be explored — all while retaining the unapologetically Australian flavour that made TY such as classic.

TY The Tasmanian Tiger HD is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and Steam!