Website & Photography Project

Neumann Engineering

A modernised website for a team of innovators

Neumann Engineering has a rich 70-year history in industrial innovation. As one of the newest companies in the Neumann Group, they needed a new website aligned to their brand while featuring a clean modern look and clear messaging. We completed the SEO, copywriting, design, photography, and development, working closely with the client to distil the technical and creative aspects of the brand. We took these insights and translated them into a responsive, informative, and design-forward website.

Inspired by technical visual elements such as blueprints and engineering drawings, our designers created a clean and polished look and feel. Bespoke imagery captures the human side of Neumann Engineering, as well as the machinery and wide scope of services they provide. Our design and production teams worked together to make sure the photography supported the promotion of key services and capabilities while reflecting the brand’s professionalism and innovation.