Case Study

NSW Environment Protection Authority


The Client

NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is the environmental regulator in New South Wales. Their purpose is to prevent environmental issues, reduce waste and pollution and to protect human health.

NSW EPA runs over 90 ‘Community Recycling Centres’ throughout New South Wales. These centres provide a service to local residents, allowing them to dispose of recyclable problem waste for free. The initiative was set up to improve environmental wellbeing by reducing the use of landfills.

Ravel and NSW EPA have worked together on many Community Recycling Centre campaigns since starting a close, professional relationship in 2014.

The Challenge

The Community Recycling Centres program is a free, publicly available service initiated by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

However, research conducted showed a large portion of the population within distance of a ‘CRC’ were not actively using the service. Common reasons included:

  • Lack of knowledge of the ‘CRC’ and the service’s existence
  • Not knowing which items could and could not be disposed at a CRC
  • Residents were unaware that it is a free service
  • Lack of education regarding environmental benefits of good recycling habits

The brief from NSW EPA to Ravel was to create a suite of creative assets usable across state-wide advertising, that could also be repurposed for use by local councils.

Ravel’s creative approach needed to address these pain points and communicate the personal and environmental benefits of using Community Recycling Centres.

Ravel's Solution

While Ravel has developed many successful ‘CRC’ campaigns in the past, the 2020 campaign is, to this date, the largest production so far.

This large-scale campaign, led by a series of 12 animated videos, was designed to evolve the current campaign style and direction to allow broader messaging to the audience. Messages included general information on CRCs, good recycling practices, using the facilities at CRCs and the benefits of using the service.

The result was ‘Recycleville’, a fully realised animated 3D world, or more specifically, town, resided by a broad cast of animated characters, each representing a unique demographic, lifestyle and culture often found in rural New South Wales.

As part of the campaign, Ravel delivered graphic design assets for social media, images, posters and direct mail alongside the video series. A handful of these videos evolved into TV and cinema commercials.

The CRC campaign continues to be a tremendous success for NSW EPA, and the Ravel team are thrilled to contribute to its growth over the last 6+ years.

The work