Video Project


For the love of food 

Ravel created the educational ‘For the love of food’ video campaign with the goal of getting NSW residents to make the most of their food. The project was centered around raising awareness of food wastage in a fun and relatable way, without talking down to audiences. 

In ‘The Jobsite - It starts with a simple conversation around food and how we can fall back in love with our lunch, even if it’s an oddly shaped apple. 

In ‘The Home Office’ - It starts with a simple conversation over an online work meeting about why one of them is eating Tuesday Tacos on Wednesday. 

In The School Yard - It starts with a simple conversation during a lunch break about why one of the children decided to create a sandwich made entirely from the last slices of food. 

Our vision was to create a relatable lunchtime situation that celebrates simple behavior changes while educating the audience on composting and food waste avoidance. 

Jay Bendixen  - Creative Director/Director/Copywriter/Visual Effects 

Lincoln Williams - Executive Producer/Cinematographer 

Whitney Palmer - Producer 

Chris Browne - Editor/Colourist/Visual Effects 

Leilani Roelofs - AC 

Christine Dundas - Client Marketing Manager