Video & Design Project


The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment had a pilot program that needed a fresh campaign to tackle a not-so fresh residential issue – Food Waste.  

Getting NSW communities attention and educating residents about putting their food scraps in their Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) waste bins was the core brief behind this cheeky campaign that asks residents to ‘get their scrap together’. 

‘Let’s get our scrap together’ was a bold statement that asks residents to take another look at how they dispose of their food scraps. It was relatable with a mixture of real residences along with a local humous feel that entertained the audience but most importantly educated them on the positive impacts the correct disposal of food waste had on the environment and their local community.  

Ravel developed an entire campaign from the ground up (pun intended), delivering; a series of short videos, print & promotional materials, and radio commercials.