Case Study

Plant Health Australia

The Client

Plant Health Australia is the national coordinator of the government & industry partnership for plant biosecurity throughout Australia. Their main purpose is to minimise pest impact to Australia’s agricultural industries.

The Challenge

Plant Health Australia required some educational pieces to be developed that can be used by farms and agriculture businesses across Australia to educate seasonal workers about the risks of transmission of pests between farms.

The biggest issue highlighted by Plant Health Australia is that seasonal workers travel from location to location within Australia and can transfer pests from one farm to another. Due to the diverse backgrounds of the seasonal workers, any collateral developed would need to be translated into a range of foreign languages as well as be easy to understand for any worker.

Ravel's Solution

Ravel developed a concept to deliver an animated video that could be shown to new workers during their induction as well as information fact sheets communicating tips and key considerations with regards to minimising the risks of transferring plant pests when on a farm and when travelling between farms.

Ravel developed the concept, scripted, storyboarded, illustrate, animated and delivered the video, as well as designed the fact sheets. Ravel also sourced translations for and delivered the final collateral in English, Mandarin, French, Khmer, Tetum, Tongan, Vietnamese, Ni Vanuatu, and Korean languages.


Plant Health Australia relayed that the launch and rollout of the collateral received positive feedback from industry members.

Client Feedback

The Ravel team were great to work with both creatively and practically. Their commitment to quality, clear communications and creative insights helped bring our project to life, and their effort to source and implement the broad range of translations we requested was greatly appreciated.

Alex Lucchetti - Communications Officer – Plant Health Australia