Diverging Diamond Interchange

The Client

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is the state government department that manages all aspects of transportation in Queensland, including registration, projects and infrastructure. To improve traffic flow in one of its more congested areas on the M1 highway, TMR undertook the development of Australia’s first ‘Divering Diamond Interchange’ or ‘DDI’, a highly effective road structure that would help keep traffic flowing as smoothly as possible.

The Challenge

Due to the unorthodox structure of the DDI, there were concerns that motorists would have difficultly entering, navigating and exiting the infrastructure. This was understandable for a number for reasons, including the number of possible entry and exit combinations, as well as some routes requiring motorists to temporarily travel on the other side of the road. TMR needed a product that would help clearly explain these different routes in an articulate and engaging way.

Ravel's Solution

It was decided early on that Ravel would develop a methodical explainer video using high-end 3D visualisation of the yet-to-be-built DDI. The idea was that creating a digital-twin of the complex would ensure accuracy and familiarity for motorists when they eventually used the DDI in real life. Ravel’s animation team painstakingly replicated the DDI using CAD and 12D model files as well as several dozen square kilometres of geographical satellite imagery and topographical data to replicate the DDI’s surroundings as close to real life as possible. Each possible route was presented with unbroken sequences from the perspective of a car navigating the DDI, along with a video-game inspired HUD map to help viewers track the location of the car on the interchange.