Video and Animation Project

Yowie Chocolates US Launch

Ravel partnered with marketing agency Social Tap to create an awareness piece for the launch of Yowie Chocolates in the United States. This project was a fun collaboration between our filming video and animation teams, working together to bring the essence of Yowie World to life!

Ravel and Social Tap refined the storyboards and scripting to articulate the primary message: “Unwrap the adventure”. This awareness piece was focused on introducing the Australian Yowie to the US market where the equivalent is Big Foot. The kids are on a discovery quest to find the loveable and goofy Yowie character, Boof!

We cast three amazing kids for the two-day shoot set in an old-world timber barn in Brisbane and the majestic rainforest in the Gold Coast Hinterland. The look and feel had to be cinematic, colourful, and adventurous and live up to the stature of our central character. Our animation team were on set shooting plate shots to make sure they had all the material they needed to composite Boof into each scene.

“The relationship onscreen between the characters in the final edit is great; the challenge was directing the kids to pretend Boof is right there! They worked so hard on set, and with all the tech support from camera and lighting, we were able to create a high energy, high production value awareness piece for Yowie.”
- Director Lincoln Williams