Brand Strategy

You know what makes your brand the best, but communicating that to your market is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.


Take a stand

An overarching brand strategy encompasses your brand purpose, value propositions, and gives meaning to the creative. It tells a story and puts your vision into something tactile.

A brand strategy will typically incorporate key elements such as business goals, brand positioning, customer value propositions, brand DNA, brand values, and customer profiles. It's the universal document that everyone who touches the brand, from CEO to customer service, lives and breathes.


Appeal to your customers

An emotional tie is a strong tie, and allowing your customers the opportunity to connect with your brand, the people involved in your brand, and why behind what you do is only ever a good thing.

Our combined years of experience from the strategic, creative, and marketing worlds in everything from start-ups to major global brands give us an advantage unlike any other. Ravel's approach to developing a brand strategy follows a series of discovery sessions with management, a structured and engaging workshop, research and surveying of staff and customers, and a whole load of analysis and competitive research.


Strategy + Creative
= Brand Personality

We work closely with you to identify the compelling parts of your story, but also the core, and maybe not-so-jazzy parts of your business so our in-house creative team can take it to the next level. Our client base spans a multitude of industries and if we can make accounting feel exciting, the capabilities are endless.

What our clients
have to say

From day one, I felt confident that Aaron and Shannon from Ravel were the brand strategy specialists I needed to grow Boutiques Australia. The strategy they delivered was thorough and detailed but above all else, it provided actionable opportunities for growth and everything I needed to keep my brand messaging consistent. The best business decision I’ve made so far has been engaging with Ravel for the strategic direction and all aspects of my digital marketing.

John Kohne - Founder - Boutiques Australia