Award Winning Video production

Ravel’s first love is storytelling with moving pictures; we have two decades of video production experience under our belt and a wall full of shiny industry awards to show for it.

Our directors and cinematographers are some of the best shotmakers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast - nay, in Australia.

Your journey to screen starts with a concept, a creative way to best express your message through video. It might be glamorous, exciting, authoritative or factual. It all depends on the story.

Streamlined end-to-end video production for unparalleled results

To maintain integrity of the creative vision, Ravel’s in-house production pipeline encompasses the first word of the script through to final cut.

And yes, we film with the same 8K cameras and gear they use on blockbuster movies.

But Ravel’s tech prowess is backed by our little secret: solid strategy. If the message is original and effortless, people will watch to the end every time.

Our Gold Coast and Brisbane video production studios specialise in:

  • Video production
  • Corporate video production
  • Television commercial production
  • Cinema ad production
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Casting
  • Sound design
  • Production management
  • Location management
  • Production
  • Post production

Our Gold Coast and Brisbane post-production facilities comprise:

  • 6 x offline / online edit suites (Adobe CC, Avid, Final Cut Pro)
  • 3 x colour grading suites (DaVinci Resolve)
  • VFX / motion graphics
  • 2 x sound design and mixing suites
  • Audio recording booths (Sennheiser mics)
  • Boardroom facilities
  • Catering kitchen
  • Breakout meeting spaces