Case Study



The Client

iSubscribe is Australia’s largest magazine subscription service, established in 2000.

They offer over 4,000 print and digital magazine titles and have sold over 2 million subscriptions over the past two decades.

The Challenge

Ravel teamed up with iconic Australian political cartoonist Craig Mann and Paul Carpenter, Creative Director Carpo & Co. to develop a beautiful love story... about bees! The finished product was produced as an animated TVC with cutdowns for social media.

Ravel's Solution

Working with storyboards developed by Paul Carpenter and the character designs developed by Craig Mann, Ravel’s animation team brought the project together by recreating the character drawings to work in animation and then executing traditional frame by frame animation to breath life into the characters and scenes.

Typically Ravel provides the whole end video project process in-house, from concepting, scripting & storyboarding right through to animation, editing & delivery. But occasionally when projects like this one come along, our team love to collaborate with inspiring artists and creatives outside of the Ravel team.



Sales have grown 29% during the campaign roll out. A record growth period for the client.