Canon Alphenix

The Client

Pluvo is an independent branding agency with 20 years of experience delivering marketing strategies with bold, integrated ideas. We inject personality into your brand, combining strategic intelligence with design driven communication to create extraordinary outcomes.

Canon Medical Systems Corporation brings together two cutting-edge technology businesses, founded with similar values of creativity, flexibility and patient-friendly healthcare solutions. Today, the combined history of research and innovation drive forward Canon Medical’s vision for building a world-class healthcare enterprise.

The Challenge

Pluvo’s client Canon Medica was releasing a revolutionary new ultrasound scanning device for medical practitioners. This device, named the Canon ‘Alphenix’ provides astonishing high definition scans of the human body.

Ravel's Solution

Ravel’s film and animation teams joined forces to create a captivating and intense visual experience, mixing symbolic and interpretive footage with high-end 3D modelling and rendering of the ‘Aphenix’ medical device by Ravel’s animation team. Great care was taken to adapt the tri-mesh model from the client into quad-mesh animation rendering software, with real-to-life texturing applied across every part of the device. These elegantly understated clips were rendered and edited into the final video product.