RxPx Health

Dippy the Dinosaur

The Client

RxPx was co-founded by a passionate group of physicians and leaders who saw the untapped potential of technology to help safely onboard and monitor patients on complex specialty medicines. Our CEO encountered gaps in evidence-based information, support and adherence tools with her own patient experience. Together, they formed RxPx and a unique platform of digital health solutions that are positively transforming the lives of patients around the globe.

The Challenge

RxMx developed a new product to help those suffering from ezcma named ‘Diprosone’. The product was also safe for children, which lead to the idea of creating a music video that helped kids look after their ezcma affected skin, in conjunction with the use of Diprosone. The music video was important to appeal to both children and care takers. This was important as the product itself is not for application by children and must be administered by an adult.

Ravel's Solution

Ravel designed an art style that would appeal to young children, taking inspiration from popular pre-school TV series like Duggie and Paw Patrol. Several iterations of Dippy were explored before landing on a large-eyed creature reminiscent of a Diplodocus, which was considered the most “child-friendly” looking dinosaur. The music was composed and recorded by Abes Audio. Captions were included to encourage sing-alongs by the child audience and help solidify healthy skin care treatment in young audiences’ minds.